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dance in a spiral . . .

. . . under the moon . . .

to claim a goddess
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Hello! :3 Welcome to Goddess Love, a claims community. The purpose of this community is for people to claim their favourite goddess and then whore their ownership all over livejournal. Now, read the rules, join, and claim!
Rules :

- Everyone gets two claims, except for myself, because I'm uberspecial and I get to claim as many goddesses as I want. HOWEVER, only two of these will be exclusive. For example, should I claim Venus, Hera, and Freya, in that order, whoever claims Freya after that gets to be the 'primary' owner.

- Goddesses are sorted by their culture, not their purpose/name. So, if you claim Jupiter, and someone else claims Zeus, there need not be any dispute over who gets who (not that gods are allowed anyway, which leads to the next rule...)

- Gods are not to be claimed in this community. This is a community to claim the GODDESS of your choice.

- The claims list will be updated every Friday. Should it become Saturday, and I haven't updated, feel free to update it yourself, and get an extra claim in the mix.

- There will be absolutely no negative energy in this community. This is a place for everyone to express their love of the goddess of their choice, and I don't want to see anyone causing trouble.

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